Menu for the week of September 11 – Spanish Week!

Dear Hungry Friends,

It’s Spanish week! We have Vegetarian, Chicken or Beef Enchilada Dinners, Loaded Chorizo Breakfast Bowls, scratch made vegan beans – and if you’ve never tried our Sweet Mexican Corn Cake, you really should! New this week: you can build and heat up your own Loaded Chicken Nachos! And of course, some of our flaky, scratch-made Croissants!

Menu for the Week of September 11, 2017

Loaded Chorizo Breakfast Bowls
Chorizo, country potatoes, peppers, onions, scrambled farm fresh eggs, shredded cheddar cheese. Served with sides of salsa fresca, sour cream, and hot sauce. *Gluten Free*
$4.50 each

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Scratch made fluffy, flaky croissants – made with real butter, local, and organic unbleached flour.
$2.50 each – Plain
$3.00 each – With fresh sliced ham & Tillamook cheddar cheese

Watermelon Gazpacho
A refreshing cold soup made with local fresh tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, bell pepper and spices. *Vegan* *Gluten Free*
Small (8 oz): $4.50
Medium (16 oz): $9.00
Large (32 oz): $18.00

Mexican Black Bean and Ham Soup
This hearty and satisfying soup will fill you up! *Gluten Free*
Small (8 oz): $5.00
Medium (16 oz): $10.00
Large (32 oz): $20.00

Enchilada Dinner
Your choice of enchiladas wrapped in corn tortillas and topped with freshly made enchilada sauce and shredded cheeses. Served with a side of scratch made vegan refried beans, Spanish rice, and a scoop of sweet Mexican corn cake in a microwaveable container. *Gluten Free*
Choose from:
-Vegetarian Farmers Market Enchilada $10.75
-Seasoned Shredded Chicken $11.25
-Seasoned Shredded Beef $12.00

Loaded Chicken Nachos
A bag of freshly fried corn tortilla chips with sides of seasoned shredded chicken, salsa fresca, shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, blistered fresh corn, and sour cream. Assemble and warm in the oven or microwave! *Gluten Free*
$8.00 each

Taco Salad
A bed of lettuce with all the fixings: shredded chicken, fresh salsa, shredded cheese, black beans, freshly fried corn tortilla strips and sour cream. *Gluten Free*
$7.75 each

Chocolate Cake Mini Loaf
Moist and amazing, our chocolate cake is made with organic flour and cocoa powder, real butter and farm fresh eggs.
$4.50 each

Sweet Mexican Corn Cake
Similar to a spoon bread, this delicious and slightly sweet treat is made with corn flour, fresh corn, butter and cream. *Gluten Free* *Vegetarian*
Small (8 oz): $4.75
Medium (16 oz): $8.50

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
A scoop of locally made vanilla ice cream by Liled’s of Vallejo, sandwiched between two scratch-made cookies. Your choice of cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle.
$3.50 each

Scratch made pluot, plum and mango jam is still available.
4 oz. – $3.00
8 oz. – $6.00

How To Order
Place your order by email to by Thursday, September 7, before 10 p.m.

Available Delivery Windows:
Monday, September 11, between 5-8 p.m.
Tuesday, September 12, between 5-8 p.m.
Cooler drop is available on both days from 5-8 pm

If you do not receive an order confirmation by 5 pm on Friday, September 8 please let us know!

For returning customers: Please email us your order and preferred delivery window.

For new customers: Please email us the following information at
1) Name:
2) Best phone number to reach you:
3) Delivery address:
4) Preferred delivery window (Monday 5-8 pm or Tuesday 5-8 pm).
5) The item, size and quantity of each item you wish to order.
You will be contacted by email with a total and delivery time.

You can read all about our food at

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