Menu for the Week of July 9 CPM Loves Summer

Dear Hungry Friends;

Lots of great items for you this week! Our delicious Summer Veggie Breakfast is back, and we have a new spin on Mac N Cheese! We also have Chicken Tortilla Soup, Mozzarella Sandwiches, Fresh Jam, Pasta Primavera and our all new totally vegetarian Pizzas!

Menu for the Week of July 9, 2018

Summer Veggie Breakfast
Summer veggies, farm fresh scrambled egg and shredded cheese.
$3.50 each
$3.75 with sausage

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Hearty and satisfying, this soup is full of flavor and loaded with shredded chicken, colorful bell peppers, corn and roasted jalapenos. *Gluten Free*
Small (8 oz.): $4.75
Medium (16 oz.): $9.00
Large (32 oz.): $17.00

Marinated Mozzarella Sandwich
Buffalo mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and scratch-made balsamic glaze. *Vegetarian*
$7.00 each

Mac N Cheese
Our famous six cheese mac n cheese with bbq chicken and fresh corn, in a microwaveable container.
$10.25 each
$8.50 plain mac n cheese

Pasta Primavera
Pasta topped with an assortment of fresh, summer veggies and marinara sauce made from fresh tomatoes!
$8.50 each
$10.00 with chicken

Scratch Made Pizza
From your freezer straight into your oven, our 10” pizzas have organic scratch made crust, sauce made fresh from local tomatoes and basil, topped with hormone-free California grown cheese made with vegetarian rennet.
Cheese & Marinara: $10.00 each
Pesto & Burrata: $10.00 each

Fresh Jam
Your choice of strawberry or plum.
4 oz.: $4.00
6 oz.: $6.00

How to Order
Please email your order to by 10 pm on Thursday, July 5. You will be contacted by email with a total and delivery time.

For returning customers: Please email us your order and preferred delivery window.

For new customers: Please email the following information to
1) Name.
2) Best phone number to reach you.
3) Delivery address.
4) Preferred delivery window (Monday 5-8pm or Tuesday 5-8 pm).
5) The item, size and quantity of each item you wish to order.

Available Delivery Windows:
*Monday, July 9 between 5-8 p.m.
*Tuesday, July 10 between 5-8 p.m.
If you do not receive an order confirmation by 5 pm on Friday, please let us know!

You can read all about our food and delivery service at

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