Menu for the Week of March 11 – March Madness Week 2

Dear Hungry Friends;

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Now is a great time to get some great St. Patrick’s Day eats! March Madness is back – watch for the shamrock sticker for free treat or eats included with your delivery! Plus, save 10%! For the entire month of March, we will be taking 10% off ALL orders over $40!

Menu for the Week of March 11

Corned Beef Breakfast Bowls
Tender chunks of corned beef brisket, pan fried with potatoes and onions, and topped with farm fresh scrambled eggs and shredded Tillamook cheddar cheese.
With corned beef: $4.50 each
Veggies only: $3.75 each

Irish Stew
Classic Irish beef stew made with tender beef, potatoes, carrots and celery, made in a rich Guinness broth.
Small (8 oz): $5.00
Medium (16 oz): $9.50
Large (32 oz): $17.50

Carrot Soup
This simple and delicious carrot soup is made with locally grown carrots and pumpkin, savory herbs and a touch of cream. *Vegetarian* *Gluten Free*
Small (8 oz): $4.50
Medium (16 oz): $8.50
Large (32 oz): $15.50

Corned Beef Dinner
A generous dinner with tender corned beef, hand mashed buttery golden potatoes, gravy, seasonal roasted vegetables and a freshly baked roll. *Served microwave-ready unless oven-ready is requested.*
$15.50 each

Irish Farmhouse Chicken
Roasted chicken thighs, roasted carrots and parsnips, made with herbs and Dijon, drizzled with delicious pan juices.
$10.00 each

Irish Soda Bread
A buttery Irish tradition made from scratch. Perfect for a snack anytime!
$7.00 per loaf *With or without raisins*

Irish Sausage Rolls
Perfect, handheld savory goodness. Made with seasoned ground sausage wrapped in handmade puff pastry, and served with a side of scratch made honey mustard.
2 rolls: $6.00

How to Order

Please email your order to by 10 pm on Thursday, March 7. You will be contacted by email with a total and delivery time.

For returning customers: Please email us your order and preferred delivery window.

For new customers: Please email the following information to
1) Name.
2) Best phone number to reach you.
3) Delivery address.
4) Preferred delivery window (Monday 5-8 pm or Tuesday 5-8 pm).
5) The item, size and quantity of each item you wish to order.

Available Delivery Windows:
*Monday, March 11 between 5-8 p.m.
*Tuesday, March 12 between 5-8 p.m.

If you do not receive an order confirmation by 5 pm on Friday, please let us know!

You can read all about our food and delivery service at

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